Family and Social History Group

Family and Social History Group


Co-ordinator:  Allan Jones

Tel:   01565 633435



We meet on the second Friday of each month at 2 pm in Room 4 of Knutsford Methodist Church.  Just ring the appropriate bell at the back door.  And please bring £2 as God currently doesn’t let us have the room rent free.

Below is the list of subjects we’ll be covering over the next 6 months.

14th February 2020 * People & Places of Knutsford – a talk by Vivien Deveney.

13th March 2020 * Wills – Allan Jones.  Are they worth it?  And what wills tell us about our ancestors, particularly their thoughts and attitudes to inheritance, and who they actually gave their money to!

10th April 2020 * No meeting – It’s Good Friday

15th May 2020 * The mystery of Grace – a 1930s parlour maid – Tricia is returning to tell us about the life of young Grace during the Depression.  Please note this is the third Friday in May, so that we avoid the one-off public holiday on the 8th.

12th June 1010 * The Three Brown Brothers. Victorian Entrepreneurs – Allan Jones. I’m distantly related through marriage to a George Edward Brown.  He and two of his brothers became very wealthy Victorians running three completely different businesses.  Look out for the dancing bear, and the miniature hydroelectric plant!

10th July 2020 * The Brown Sisters – Allan Jones.  It turns out the three Brown brothers had sisters and daughters who also led really interesting and varied lives.  Look out for the feisty daughter whose Aunt refused to let her marry until she’d had domestic skills lessons, as well as the Brown lady who married a war hero.

Later in the year, (almost certainly November) David Coulston is coming back to give us a presentation on Workhouses, with particular reference to the still standing Southwell Workhouse in Nottinghamshire.

Allan Jones

01565 633435