Family and Social History Group

Family and Social History Group


Co-ordinators:  Andrea Lord

Tel:   01565 872295

and Allan Jones

Tel:   01565 633435




The Family and Social History group covers a wide area of topics relating to who our ancestors were, and where and when they lived.  So we don’t just record the names and dates of our families, but look into the quality (or otherwise) of what life was actually like for them.

We don’t offer a course in how to “do” family history.  That is done by the Family History Society of Cheshire at Mobberley, although we can give people a basic guide as to how to get started.

We very much welcome new members to our friendly group, so if you are interested please contact Allan Jones on 01565 633435 to find out more. We meet at 2pm each second Friday in the month, in room 4 of the Methodist Church.


 Knutsford U3A Family & Social History Group

14th September 2018        -           Summer holiday.  But we will again take a table at the member’s meeting with the aim of recruiting new members.


Winter/Spring programme 2018/19 

12th October 2018                  Self-help session 

If you have an ancestor where you’re lacking information, bring them along and Tricia and I will try and find them for you.  We will have access to a couple of the major genealogical websites, as well as some free ones, so there’s a chance your troublesome ancestors may turn up on one of them.

Also, if you’re just getting started with family history, we can give you some basic guidelines on how to get going with your research.


9th November 2018                The “Brummie” Harborne 

John Harborne came to talk to us a year ago, about his Elizabethan ancestor who was sent out to try and develop trade links with the 16th century Ottoman Empire.  A fascinating if somewhat violent story!  Now he’s coming back to tell us about a much more recent family member who had his difficulties as a youngster, but definitely made good!


14th December 2018               “What if………………………….?” 

Some years ago Gwyneth Paltrow starred in a film called Sliding Doors.  It showed how her life would have developed if she caught the train she was running for, and what would have happened to her if she hadn’t.  I suspect we might all have occasions in our past, where something happened that even if we didn’t realise it at the time, significantly changed our lives.  For example, if I had passed French O level rather than securing a complete dismal failure, I would never have met my wife, and you wouldn’t be reading this flyer.  So if each of us have a dig into our past and find something that falls into this category, could they then give a maximum 5 minute talk explaining the significance of this event?  I think the results might be fascinating.  If you’d just like to just sit and listen that’s fine.


11th January 2019                   David Coulston talk  Subject TBC 

David has spoken to us a few times before, and has yet to decide on his subject.  It probably won’t be entitled “The beautiful Coulstons” which is what he instantly said in reply to one of our members querying what TBC stood for.


8th February 2019                   The Kiralfys 

These folk are (I think) part of Tricia’s family tree.  Currently I don’t have details of exactly what part of their lives Tricia will be talking about.


8th March 2019                       Family Houses 

We’ve probably all got pictures of properties our families lived in or were associated with.  Given our various backgrounds, another 5 minute maximum talk from each of us about a house (or two) we remember, should provide for another intriguing afternoon.  Again just listening is fine.


11th April 2019                        “Who shot Samuel Hunt?”   An update (provisional date)



Contact:-   Allan Jones 01565 633435