Family and Social History Group

Family and Social History Group


Co-ordinator:  Allan Jones

Tel:   01565 633435



The Summer is over, so school is starting again!  We meet on the second Friday of each month at 2 pm in Room 4 of Knutsford Methodist Church.  Just ring the appropriate bell at the back door.  And please bring £2 as God currently doesn’t let us have the room rent free.

Below is the list of subjects we’ll be covering over the next 6 months.

11th October 2019 * Sources of information – using a case study.  I’ve recently been researching a relation’s family tree, and the number and range of websites that have produced really useful information, has been quite remarkable.  Much much more than is available on the standard genealogy sites.

8th November 2019 * Knutsford Prison – a talk by Barbara Arnell.

13th December 2019 * Oral Histories – Family stories.  Most of us will have heard family stories.  So, could those that want to, speak for 5 minutes maximum about a family story/anecdote/gossip or similar, that’s been handed down.  This should give us a brief insight into our ancestor’s lives.

10th January 2020 * The Egerton Family – a talk by Dave Thomas on 360 years of the Egerton family.

14th February 2020 * People & Places of Knutsford – a talk by Vivien Deveney.

13th March 2020 * The Three Brown Brothers – Victorian Entrepreneurs – I’m distantly related through marriage to a George Edward Brown.  He and two of his brothers became very wealthy Victorians running three completely different businesses.  Look out for the dancing bear, and the hydroelectric plant!

And later in the year, I hope we’ll have a presentation on Workhouses, particularly with reference to the still standing Southwell Workhouse in Nottinghamshire.

Allan Jones

01565 633435