Possible New Groups

Possible New Groups


Possible New Activity Groups- February 2019


Possible New Book Group

Having enjoyed reading the novel ‘Sixteen Trees of the Somme’ by Lars Mytting, I wondered whether  any kindred spirits who are interested in reading this type of book would be interested in forming a small, relaxed book group to discuss this one, followed by books of a similar, probably more masculine, genre which would be chosen jointly by the group.

We could meet in different homes every 4-6 weeks.  The objective would be to exchange views, opinions, nothing too serious, and have fun!

If you are interested please ring me, John Unterhalter, on 01565 873211.


 Digital Photography with David Woolf

Want to take better photographs/ don`t know what the controls on your digital camera do?

Afraid of leaving the security of AUTO?

Join this short course of six sessions and astound your grand-children!

Just like Five-A-Day, use the Five Controls (they’re there, you just haven`t found them yet) and you`ll be a fitter photographer for your summer holidays.

We will look at what makes a better photograph of EXACTLY the same subject.  Bring your camera.  There`ll be class work (but no homework) and some practical photo-taking.

6 Consecutive Friday Afternoons 2.00pm to 3.30pm starting on March 15th Room 4 Methodist Church.


As David will be away, will you please phone Margaret Wilford on 01565 654689 if you are interested. There needs to be enough people to make this viable