Possible New Groups

Possible New Groups


Knutsford U3A- Possible New Activity Groups – December 2017 



There is a possibility of starting a U3A Tennis Activity Group at Knutsford Tennis Club, so if you used to play and haven’t for a while (or much longer!) or would like to learn for the first time, then this might be of interest to you.

We have a member who is willing to be the Co-ordinator, and coaching can be arranged.  The game can be played gently, with less running about and hard hitting than Wimbledon!  Any member would be very welcome, whether new to the game or ‘rusty’

If you are interested in finding out more, please email Margaret Wilford, Groups Supporter,   keithandmargaretw@tiscali.co.uk


Line Dancing

Anybody fancy starting /joining a Line Dancing Group?

Interest has been expressed in a Line Dancing group.  As yet we have no Co-ordinator willing to take it on nor an instructor but if you are interested in the possibility of joining/starting up a Line Dancing group please email Margaret Wilford, Groups Supporter -   keithandmargaretw@tiscali.co.uk