Walking Football

Walking Football

Co-ordinator:  Stuart Allan

Tel:  01565 632904

Email: info@knutsfordu3a.co.uk


We are embarking on the next phase of walking football at Egerton Youth Club. The next 6 sessions will be held at 2pm on 18th July, 1st Aug, 15th Aug, 29th Aug, 12th Sept and 26th Sept and will be supported by Josh Hawkes, our excellent coach from Macclesfield Town.

We currently have 12 members as at July 2017 and more would be welcome to maintain the viability of the group. Anyone interested in taking part should call Stuart Allan on 01565 632904.


For those who are not aware of what Walking Football is about I hope the following will provide you with information and inspiration: 

There are around 800 clubs in the UK and it is mainly played by people between the ages of 55 and 95.  Briefly, the rules involve no running, no passes over waist height, no slide tackles and minimal physical contact so as to avoid injury.  Typically games are 5 to 6 a side and can be played inside or outside although the latter tends to be favoured.  If you want further information or to see the game in action there are numerous clips etc on YouTube.