Writing for Pleasure


Co-ordinator:  Michael Goldman

Tel:  01565 651717

E-mail: info@knutsfordu3a.co.uk

During the month we write a piece, usually a short story (up to 2000 words), based on an agreed idea. At the following meeting we each read out our piece to the others.   The atmosphere is friendly – in fact there is much laughter at most meetings. Topics are varied, examples include:  a picture;  an opening sentence;  a key word or phrase e.g. ‘overheard’ or ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’;  a list of words which have to be incorporated in the piece; or a type – melodrama, mystery etc. etc.

Writing for Pleasure may be more challenging than some groups, in that members write a piece between each meeting.  This is not easy – but it’s surprising how, when staring at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen inspiration comes to one’s fingertips!

For those who were good at English at school, for those who would like to compensate for the bad teaching they received, for those who could write superb factual reports – ‘but I haven’t a creative bone in my body’ – in fact for anyone – why not have a go?  It’s interesting how often new members move from autobiographically based pieces to true fiction as their confidence and experience expands. In time hidden talents blossom, generating imaginative and entertaining stories – a satisfying experience for both the writer and the listeners.

We are always glad to welcome newcomers who would like to try their hand at writing short pieces in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere – so let’s hear from you! We meet at 10:00 am on the third Wednesday of each month in member’s homes. If you are interested, please contact Mike Goldman on 01565 651717