Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

Notice is given that the


of Knutsford and District U3A will be held on

Thursday 11th May 2017 at Knutsford Methodist Church at 2.15pm.


All members are invited to attend the AGM which is an important meeting.  On this occasion it will be followed by Eric Newton who will talk about his ‘Life and Times of a Busker’ with clarinet accompaniment.

At this AGM the Committee will put forward proposals for two changes to the current constitution as follows: 

1.       Clause 3      Object

This Clause currently reads:

i)                    To advance the education of the public and in particular the education of older people no longer in full time gainful employment in Knutsford and its surrounding locality.


       The proposed change is as follows: 

      Clause 3         Charitable Purposes

i)                    To advance education and in particular the education of people not in full time gainful employment who are in their Third Age (being the period of time after the first age of childhood dependence and the second age of full time employment and/or parental responsibility) residing in Knutsford and its surrounding locality. 

                       In this constitution ‘people in their Third Age’ has the meaning set out above.


 This change will bring us into line with the current wording recommended by the Third Age Trust,  our National Body.


2.       The second proposal is to change the quorum required at our formal meetings including our AGM.  We are proposing that we change this from 20% of the membership to 15% of the membership of Knutsford U3A.  The reason for this change is, now that our numbers are increasing, to make it easier to ensure that the AGM is quorate and that this rule is satisfied. 


The AGM will also include elections for the Committee and reports from the Chair and from the Treasurer. 


The following Committee members are willing to continue to serve and are not due to stand again this year:

Christine Jones, Barbara Arnell, Barbara Brady, Colette Ashworth, Sue Allan and Margaret Wilford. 

John Funnell and Veronica Gordon are willing to stand again but, having served a 3 year term, are standing again for re-election.   

Tricia Pepper is resigning from the Committee having served her 3 year term. 

In order to bring our Committee to full strength we are seeking nominations for  members to join the Committee.  Our Chair, Christine Jones, is happy to discuss the possibility of standing for the Committee with any member who is interested.  Please contact her on 01565 633435. 

Please send nominations to Sue Allan, Secretary, by 26th April 2017 at the latest.

Email:     Post:  8 Bracken Way, Knutsford, WA16 9BU