Job Description – Deputy Treasurer





The Role


To manage the Social Account which holds money on behalf of Activity Groups.




  •          Bank moneys supplied to Deputy Treasurer by individual U3A group co-ordinators.
  •          Pay group invoices as requested, eg. For room hire, travel, theatre tickets etc.
  •          Record all transactions in an appropriate manner.
  •          Monitor bank account records to ensure all credit & debit transactions have been processed.
  •          Provide a summary report to the main committee monthly.




  •          Cash and cheques are paid into the Group Coop bank account via the Post Office Giro system. Cheques are collected together in an envelope supplied by the Co-op. A special paying in book is used.


Invoice Payment


  •          Invoice payments are made by cheque, normally posted, or debit card payment made over the phone
  •          In certain circumstances cheques may be handed to the Group Co-ordinator for payment ‘on the day’
  •          NB All cheques have to be counter signed by an authorised member of the committee


Transaction Recording


  •          All monies from Groups forwarded to the Deputy Treasurer should be accompanied by a summary record sheet [A standard form is available]
  •          All outgoings and receipts are recorded by the Deputy Treasurer on an appropriate spread-sheet.
  •          Each transaction should record the date, group identification, type of transaction and amount


Bank Account monitoring


  •          Online access to the Co-op bank is achieved via password protected ID


Skills needed


  •          Basic spread-sheet [Microsoft Excel 2010 preferably] and email familiarity