Job Description – Membership Secretary





The Role


To manage secure records of the membership on a database.




  •          Maintain up to date membership list: add new members, change contact details when informed and delete those who have died, moved or resigned
  •          Inform the Chair and distributor of the newsletter (email and post) of these changes   
  •          Put any changes of address into separate folder for Chair and Head Office.
  •          Add new members’ details database, as they join throughout the year. 
  •          Maintain the GIFT AID database (slightly different to normal database)
  •          Maintain an up-to-date database for Head Office (slightly different format) and email this is quarterly.
  •          Compile a monthly report listing number of New Members, Total Membership and number of Associates and email to Committee members the week before the Committee Meeting.
  •          List cheques and cash and send to Coop Bank and forward copy of cheque list to Treasurer.
  •          Email full membership list is to Chair in January and on request.
  •         Email Treasurer with a full membership list annually, at the beginning of April, for payment of affiliation fee.

New Members


  •         On receipt of an application form send a membership card and a receipt, with a copy of current newsletter and list of Activity Groups, either by email or paper copy and a “Welcome to Knutsford U3A” compliments slip.
    •          Maintain a New Members database
    •          Send a list of new members to the Chair once a month, with a copy to the person acting as New Members’ Liaison for that person to make contact.



  •          With the membership year starting in September put a notice of subscription renewal in the newsletters in September and October.
  •          Organise and attend Renewal Desk at General meetings in September and October and supply the Renewal Forms required.
  •          On receipt of the subscriptions, enter the details into database and send the membership card and receipt in the stamped addressed envelope.
  •          On request from a coordinator check if members of an Activity Group have renewed.
  •          Put a Final Reminder in the November newsletter. Email or phone the remainder who have not renewed at end November, to remind and enquire why.
  •          Delete from the list those who have not paid by end December, and keep in separate database for future reference.