Job Description – Outings Coordinator







The Role 

Lead and oversee the working of the Outings’ Committee


The Outings 

  •          Ensure that meetings are held at regular intervals with an informal agenda to committee members one week beforehand.
  •          Circulate a summary of what has been decided with any appropriate action points highlighted.
  •         Ensure that the person in charge of the Outing is available to take bookings at the General Meeting or that this responsibility is delegated to another committee member. 
  •          Ensure that the Outings chosen are appropriate
  •          Consider the suitability for the time of year, travelling distance and availability of adequate stops for food and drink.
  •          Make sure that all Committee members have an opportunity to book and organize an outing.



  •          Decide when each outing should be “advertised“,  preferably in Kanuta as this will then reach all of the membership. If impossible to coincide with Kanuta, organise a   Flyer to be distributed.
  •          Send details to the Website Manager for the website and check the website page regularly to ensure Outing details are up to date.
  •          Liaise with Robert Watson, who prepares the slides to be shown at the General Meeting and give details of what Outing needs to be advertised and who will be doing the booking at the meeting.



  •          Ensure you receive a copy of the Account Transfer Form from the organiser when money is paid to the Deputy Treasurer
  •          Ensure that you receive an Event Report from the organiser at the end of each outing
  •          Ensure any other expenditure is recorded with supporting documentation. 
  •          Complete a Financial Return Form (due after March 31st each year) This is a record of all payments in and out of the Outings Account, held by the Social Account Treasurer.
  •          Liaise with the Deputy Treasurer to reconcile the financial information you each hold.