Job Description – Speakers’ Coordinator





The Role


To research and book a speaker for each of the 11 monthly meetings (there is no meeting in August)




  • Keep the Chair, newsletter editor, Web-site Manager and Technical Support advised of the speakers for the next 3 months
  • Maintain a list of potential speakers
  • Liaise with others for publicity purposes, both internal and external
  • Maintain an overview sheet for each year – recording name of speaker, title, technical requirements and agreed fees and expenses
  • Maintain an overview for the year ahead – details of technical requirements, fees, any charity involvement, name of speaker. Dates of talk.  Circulate this to all Committee, Technical Support and Web-site. Keep updated.
  • Occasionally ask an audience member to write a very short review piece for the web-site.


Manage a Booking


  1. Make the initial contact with a speaker, detailing the requirements for the U3A. Needs to be several months in advance, possibly a year ahead.


  1. Confirm the details in email with the speaker:
  • Title of the speaker
  • Phone number of the speaker and exchange mobile numbers if possible
  • Title of the talk (sometimes not available at the time of the initial booking)
  • Length of the talk – 45-50 mins
  • Date – although always the second Thursday of the month at 2:15 pm in Knutsford Methodist Church
  • Technical requirements – check these are compatible with our requirements.
  • Fee – all cheques are personal even if subsequently destined for charitable donations
  • Travel expenses – not always required.


  1. Obtain short biographical notes for later publicity – can be nearer the date of the talk.


  1. One month before the talk email or phone the speaker and check all details.


  1. A couple of days before the talk phone the speaker.


  1. About two weeks prior to the talk email Knutsford Guardian What’s On with an announcement.


  1. The weekend before the talk email the Knutsford U3A Membership with a reminder of the talk and brief biographical details of the speaker.