Job Description – Treasurer






The Role


Act as the primary financial person and deal with all financial responsibilities.




  •          Accurately record all income and expenditure for the Knutsford Branch.
  •          Ensure all expenditure is properly authorised and that all income is appropriately recorded.
  •          Produce annual accounts showing detailed income and expenditure and a balance sheet for the financial year and make the necessary arrangements for these to be audited.
  •          Prepare a summarised set of accounts for presentation at the AGM and to seek for these to be accepted by the members present.




  •          Act as the primary contact for the branch’s bank (currently the Co-operative Bank) and to deal with any queries regarding deposits and payments.
  •          Receive monthly bank statements and to reconcile these with the branch’s own records.
  •          Advise any changes in Trustees and cheque signatories.


Charity Commission


  •          Act as the primary contact with the Charity Commission and to submit the annual return which contains any changes in trustees as well as financial information.
  •          Deal with any queries arising from the Charity Registration.




  •          Attend monthly management committee meetings and submit an updated balance sheet.
  •          Attend the monthly general meetings and make the necessary payment to the speaker.
  •          Attend other meetings where a committee presence is felt necessary