Accessibility Policy

Knutsford and District U3A


   Accessibility Policy


Knutsford U3A aims to be as inclusive a possible, and to provide equal rights of access to our activities for all members, as far as reasonably possible. This policy and accompanying guidance for Co-ordinators, has been developed in line with advice from the Third Age Trust. There is a wide range of disabilities, including mobility, vision and hearing loss, and others such as dementia, that may affect people very differently. When a disability becomes a major problem for a member when participating in Activity Groups, they should talk to their Co-ordinators, so that their particular needs can be understood and supported as far as reasonably practical.

U3As are self-help learning and social organisations, not ones which can provide care for individual members. Our insurance cover does not allow members to provide care for other members. Any member who needs help to participate in a U3A activity may be able to bring a carer or companion with them, to stay for the duration of the activity. The ability to bring a carer should allow all members with a disability to participate and enjoy U3A activities, and avoid members getting involved in providing assistance when they are not skilled or insured to do so.

Organisers of outings of all kinds are not responsible for anyone who cannot manage without help, so the member with a disability would need to arrange their own care to meet their needs.


 April 2019