Financial Guidelines for Co-ordinators

Financial Guidelines for Co-ordinators

Knutsford and District Branch



 All groups who hold money on behalf of the members must keep account of how it is spent.  The Co-ordinator, or a delegated member of the group, should be responsible for this task. 



  • The Group leader or Group treasurer may keep UP TO £100 in petty cash
  • Larger amounts should be lodged with the U3A Treasurer
  • Personal cheques UNDER £100 may be written. It is the responsibility of the writer of the cheque to claim the money from members of the group.
  • Groups should not pay for anything using a personal credit card unless by special arrangement with the Committee.
  • Written Rental Agreements should not be made. 
  • Proper records must be kept and returns sent to the Secretary of the Committee. A reminder will be sent when these returns are due. 
  • Those who do not hold any money should submit a nil return
  • All returns can be sent by e mail.

If in doubt please contact a member of the committee


Useful phone numbers:

 Chair                          Lynda Harris              01565 621058

Treasurer                    John Funnell              0161 941 4347