Digital Photography

Digital Photography

Group Leader:  David Woolf

Tel:  01925 755097


Getting The Most From Your Digital Camera

The meetings arranged for Spring were rescheduled once, then again and finally cancelled because of health issues.  So now that Spring has given way to Summer, the time is even riper.

Members of this group, in Five Easy Lessons, will have all they need to get the most from their digital cameras, whether that be the very latest multi-megapixel model or a modest compact of yesteryear.

  • Understand the principles underlying the same five controls on a digital camera that were pretty much the only controls you had with a film camera (and you weren’t afraid then, were you).
  • Never again leave your camera on the automatic setting.
  • Put aside pixel envy.
  • Amaze your grandchildren with your knowledge and expertise.
  • Sleep easier at night (not guaranteed).

Testimonials available.

To express interest, contact me at or 01925 755097.

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