Personal Development Group

Personal Development Group

Group Leader:  Julie Brinnand

Mobile: 07971 464006

Home: 01565 625782


This new group is for members who would like to explore how personal development can offer solutions to everyday problems and give them the confidence to make changes. It meets each Tuesday at 1:30pm. Julie is a qualified life coach and teacher and looks forward to welcoming members on this ‘journey’ together.  She offers this teaser:

                What do you see?            OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE

Come along to find out more!

“At any age, we find ourselves at a stage where we want to ‘bridge the gap’ between where we are now and where we’d like to be!  We will focus on increasing self-awareness, looking at future life goals, personal challenges, and long-standing aspirations based on our experiences.  We all have our own way of thinking and feeling along with our attitudes and ideas about life. We may behave in a way that confirms our beliefs and carry on like that. But we can become aware of the patterns we follow and change them by breaking old habits and replacing them with better ones.  Keeping fit isn’t just for our bodies. Personal development enables us to check in and ask “How fit is our mind?”  “How balanced is our mental health?” “How can we improve our lifestyles?”  With confidence and self-esteem, we can manage stress and improve our communication skills. Most of all, we will have fun!  Take this opportunity to engage with others to fulfil your potential and make the most of your lives”.

If you are interested to know more or would like to join this group, please contact Julie directly or via

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