Use of Electrical Equipment

Use of Electrical Equipment

Knutsford and District Branch

Use of Electrical Equipment at Knutsford u3a meetings 

As an organisation, it is important we ensure that all electrical equipment used in connection with the activities of Knutsford u3a is safe. This applies to meetings held in members’ home as well as places we hire such as the Methodist Church, Royce Court and the Legh Arms.

For meetings held in members’ homes, the minimum is that a visual check of the equipment should be made before use, looking for damage to the outside of the equipment, its lead and plug and signs of over heating.

For meetings held in other places it is the Knutsford u3a policy that all electrical equipment which is plugged into the mains and is more than 12 moths old should have been “PAT” tested by a qualified electrician and has an up to date certificate.

PAT testing is an abbreviation for Portable Appliance Testing. Electrical appliances that have been PAT tested carry a label similar to that at the foot of this letter. All equipment belonging to Knutsford u3a has been PAT Tested

This policy means that at meetings held in places other than members’ homes, it is not acceptable for visiting lecturers and members to use their own electrical equipment unless it has been PAT tested. This includes lap top chargers.

Please bear in mind damage can take place at any time and therefore users should regularly make a visual check of the equipment as described above.

For those who wish to use their own equipment, there will be a “PAT Testing Day“, which will normally take place in November.

For information here is an example of a PAT Testing label. You will see that the dates of testing and expiry are shown


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