National u3a Day, Wednesday 2nd June

We will be marking the occasion by pitching up on the steps of the Knutsford Methodist Church , top street between 10am and 4pm. We will have two gazebos (for the avoidance of sun stroke) with banners, flags, posters and leaflets displaying proudly. We are publicising our presence through the Knutsford Directory and (we hope) in the Knutsford Guardian on 27th May.

We’re keen to reach out to our benighted locked down community and show them what we do, and what we will do again. We would like members to be aware of what we’re trying to do and we would ask for some volunteers to ‘man the stand’ or ‘woman the stand’ in equal measure; we’re not fussy about gender. If we get many offers then we could have shifts of an hour or less. The committee are committed and we already have a few folks clamouring to be there!

If you would like to be part of ‘we few, we happy few’ then text or call Roger Brown on 07977-245604 and turn the occasion into ‘we many, we happy many’!