Scientific Book Group

Scientific Book Group

Group Leaders: Gill Warboys   Tel. 01565 651858

and Bob Bateman  Tel. 01565 652905


We are a friendly relaxed group with a shared interest in science and we read and discuss informally books on a wide variety of topics written for the general public. We try to get to grips with developments in science. The club encourages us to read books we might otherwise overlook. Some books we like and some we don’t!

Discussions are friendly and wide ranging and not just confined to the book and you do not have to be a scientist but you do need to have an interest in science related topics.  We agree on books after sharing suggestions. We usually read half a book each month or one each month if the book is brief.

Samples from our past reading are below:

  • Longitude (Dava Sobel)
  • A Crack in Creation (Jennifer Doudna)
  • Other Minds (Peter Godfrey-Smith
  • Quantum Evolution (Johnjoe Mc Fadden)
  • JunkDNA (Nessa Carey)
  • The Remarkable Life of the Skin (Monty Lyman)
  • The World According to Physics (JimAl-Khalili).

We meet on the 4th Thursday of the month at 2.30pm. (Check with the contacts for the current venue, vacancies etc.)

Contact Gill Warboys 01565 651858 or Bob Bateman 01565 652905

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