CyberCrime – Members’ Meeting Revisited

Following on from his excellent talk on CyberCrime at our Members’ Meeting in January 2023, DC Andy Kevan has offered these useful highlights.

Look at this site to help you understand your social media settings: There is a lot of information on the site and, although it is primarily aimed at helping parents keep their children safe online, there are handy guides to setting controls on social media that any of us might adopt.

Forward all suspicious text message to 7726.

Forward all suspicious emails to

To check to see if your data has been involved in a data breach, go to (copy and paste the red text into your browser) and enter your email address.

Always use three random words as part of your password – for instance February.Kanuta.Pink

Use this free password checker to see if your password is any good!

The password checker shows how long it would take an automated computer search to discover your password.  According to the checker, it would take a computer about 6 trillion years to crack the password mentioned above.  
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