Members’ Meetings

All physical meetings are suspended until further notice

Virtual Members’ Meetings

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 2.15 pm, and occasionally on other days, via Zoom (log on from 2.00 pm).

Programme 2021 Speaker Subject

Thursday 13th May

Claire Hart

‘Behind the Scenes in the NHS’

A view from Sheffield Children’s Hostpital.  If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the blood samples that your GP takes – where do they go and what happens to them, how are the results obtained, who does the work?  This is your chance to find out about the world of NHS laboratory services and the
unsung but crucial role they play in patient diagnosis and treatment.

Wednesday 19th May (start time 2:15pm, logon from 2pm)

Robert Watson

Bowel Cancer Awareness

The speaker will give important information about bowel cancer including:

  • The prevalence of bowel cancer – it is a more common cancer than people think.
  • The signs and symptoms – the five most common symptoms.
  • The risk factors – what increases your risk. 
  • Bowel cancer screening – the NHS bowel screening programme and the
    importance of taking part.

Thursday 10th June


‘Medical Detection Dogs’

During this presentation you will hear from a volunteer speaker from the charity, Medical Detection Dogs speaking about the work of the charity, the welfare of the dogs, how it all came about and their aims for the future.  Medical Detection Dogs are trained to detect the odour of human disease and alert us to those diseases in a variety of ways.  You will learn the scientific basics of the dog’s super sense and how diseases change the make-up and odour of our cells.  There will also be video input from some of the clients who directly benefit from having their own Medical Alert Assistance Dog and up to date information on current work.


Just to remind members attending general meetings who are hard of hearing that a loop system is in place at Knutsford Methodist Church.  This is activated when the sound system is in use and hearing aids should be switched to the ‘T’ position.  Please contact the Technical Team if you experience any problems.