Members’ Meetings

All physical meetings are suspended until further notice

Virtual Members’ Meetings

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 2.15 pm via Zoom (log on from 2.00 pm).

Programme 2021 Speaker Subject

Thursday 11th March

‘Fool’s Gold’

Acoustic music from this entertaining duo

Their shows combine stories – that’s the stories about the songs – live music and projected visuals with live performances of the songs. All the shows feature a mixture of original and well-known music, joining in is virtually mandatory!

Thursday 8th April

Ed Glinert

Underground Manchester

We last heard Ed talking about “Literary Manchester”; now he is going to reveal the mysteries of “Underground Manchester”.  We will explore places such as the huge World War Two air-raid shelter with wartime relics, surprises under the Cathedral, the massive atomic bomb shelter, subterranean streams and well-known canals.  He also promises to answer the question ‘were there really plans for a railway tube system under Manchester?’

Tuesday 20th April

Helen Naylor

‘Westminster Detectives: fact and fiction’

Thursday 13th May

Claire Hart

‘Behind the Scenes in the NHS’ a view from Sheffield Children’s Hostpital


Just to remind members attending general meetings who are hard of hearing that a loop system is in place at Knutsford Methodist Church.  This is activated when the sound system is in use and hearing aids should be switched to the ‘T’ position.  Please contact the Technical Team if you experience any problems.