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We have a wide range of equipment available for groups to borrow ranging from projectors, screens, laptops, PA systems etc. to a document laminator.  The use of Audio – Visual effects during meetings can often enhance the subject being discussed.  With this in mind, Knutsford u3a has put together a selection of equipment which Activity Groups can borrow.  Most people find that after a small amount of training, the various items are easy to connect and operate. 

Typical applications are:

  • Showing DVDs on a large screen or TV with sound
  • Showing PowerPoint slides using a computer and projector or TV
  • Showing 35mm slides
  • Using PA equipment to ensure that speakers at meetings can be heard.

If you want to learn more about the equipment and its potential to enhance your meetings or to have some training on its use, please contact Robert Watson (contact details are below). 

The following equipment is available:

  • HP Laptop Computers
  • Epson Digital Projectors
  • Large and Small Tripod Projector Screens
  • Micro Pro Portable PA System with Hand Microphone
  • Micro Pro Portable PA System with Lapel Microphone
  • Ektapro 35mm Slide Projector
  • Philips DVD Player
  • Selection of Mains Extension leads
  • Flip Chart / White Board
  • Projector Stand
  • Display Boards.
  • Document Laminator.

Each piece of equipment is supplied with the necessary leads to connect it to other AV items. With the growing use of tablets we have added leads which allow connections to digital projectors and most modern TVs.  To meet the safety requirements of the various premises we use, all our mains electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested. 

Please ask if you need equipment not listed above – we may be able to help.

Group Leaders wishing to borrow equipment should contact Robert Watson or Margaret Joscelyne on 01565 633147, or email info@knutsfordu3a.co.uk  – giving as much notice as possible.

Robert Watson – Nov 2022

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