u3a Podcast

How many of you now listen to the plethora of podcasts now on line? Perhaps, like me, you switched off the box and tuned in to old steam radio during lockdown. The good news is that u3a members, including Nick Bailey (formerly a Classic FM presenter) and others, from around the country, thought this medium would be ideal for spreading the u3a message and sharing UK wide activities and ideas. From its early beginnings our Radio Podcast team can now be heard via various platforms including YouTube and Spotify and broadcasts on the 17th of each month.

It would be good if Knutsford could feature (we have used Tatton Farm) as well as other unusual and entertaining groups (the quirkier the better!) around Cheshire and the NW. So, please listen in and hear what we do. We record either via Zoom or meet me locally and record a short phone chat. For further details please contact Val Dawson at info@knutsfordu3a.co.uk

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